Sold on Borneo, Charles Kinsey

Wednesday 4th May 2022

When we knew that Charles Kinsey was to visit us again, we fully anticipated colourful pictures of his latest world-wide travels seeking wonderful subjects for his amazing photographic skills. He did not disappoint, he never does!

Charles visited Borneo in early 2022, ostensibly for a wildlife preservation conference, made the most of his visit by travelling around the coastal, the mountainous, the rivers and lakes of this stunning island shooting (photographically) everything in sight.

It is said of Borneo that most visitors see more wildlife in a week than in in the rest of their lifetime and his presentation surely backed that claim. His insight into some of the most fascinating creatures on earth included Orang Utang, mini elephants, apes, a variety of snakes, exotic butterflies, birds and reptiles. The list is too long to include everything he recorded and does not begin to touch on his scenic landscapes and peoples of the region, all so colourful and shot with sensitivity and respect for his subjects.

A really evocative presentation by a man who really knows his subject, Charles we look forward to having you visit us again.

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