Take Care with Care

Thursday 12th May 2022


On a day when our scheduled speaker had to postpone his presentation one of our own members, Richard Higgs, stepped to up the plate and gave a talk on one of his chosen subjects, later-life Care.


In an authoritive presentation on the financial aspects of Care he clearly outlined some of the more ambiguous responsibilities of the state, local authorities and personal financial commitment we should expect to contribute.

Particularly interesting were the levels of personal wealth which would trigger state support, or more importantly, denial of state support, and how this was calculated. To the grim faced and silent audience, who were clearly in the throws of doing much mental arithmetic, it was a totally gripping issue with many of the revelations being understood for the first time.

Richard covered many issues such as sharing wealth between husband and wife, giving assets to the family, and equity release schemes which could provide the cash for care and would not be required to be repaid until after the death of the house owner.

Many thanks Richard, for giving such an important topic a much needed airing!



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